Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How do I make my sunflowers LOOK like that?!

My six-year old nephew, Stone, is poised to be an amazing gardener someday. Last spring I sent some sunflower seeds to him with instructions on how to grow them. He was so excited when the seeds sprouted!

Stone planted a new crop this year and once again has loved watching them sprout and grow - taller than he is! You can just imagine how it warmed my heart when he was so excited about his first sunflower bud - just on the brink of blooming - that he had his mom (my sis) post an Instagram and tag me to take a look. "Look, Aunt Deb!!!" he said. :o)

My sister recently showed one of my sunflower Instagram photos to Stone and his immediate response was, "HOW does she do that?? Does she grow them in wood chips??? That must be it!"

I love that he is already trying to figure out how to grow the best sunflower; that his mind is always open to learning and discovering how things work. I love that he is having so much fun growing sunflowers and that he is striving to improve his already successful technique.

Stone couldn't wait to show me his sunflowers when we visited at the beginning of this month. Ah! Made this aunty so proud!!!

And here's part two of this story. After Stone showed me his flowers and I took the obligatory photo, I flipped through my photo feed to show him some recent photos I had taken. A sunflower photo caught his eye and Stone said, "See, Aunt Deb?! How do you make your flowers LOOK like that?!" and I realized that what he's seeing as the difference between my flowers and his is the photography factor. I have a feeling that Stone's next lessons will be photography related.

How do I grow sunflowers? Plant a seed in full sun and make sure to water it regularly.
How do I photograph sunflowers?
With my iPhone and making sure the sun is behind them at a pleasing angle.
A little skill and lots of luck.
Oh, and a little bit of love.
I do love my sunflowers, you know.


Patty said...

Stone is such a cutie!

Beverly said...

I love this post but you also have to throw in a great eye for photography and "staging"

debs14 said...

I think that Arizona sunshine is a huge bonus! But you do need to nurture them so I think they're getting a fair bit of love too!

Ruth said...

Lucky you, I can't interest The Boy Child in anything gardening related! The Arizona sun must be a contributing factor, I'm thinking!

scrappyjacky said...

Sunflowers always look pleased he loves them as well.

tainted with a positive view said...

Funny you put this picture up. My daughter, Kimmy, is growing sun flowers from seed. they are about an inch high and she is loving it!

alexa said...

You sound so pleased and touched by his entusiasm! And yes, a camera is going to be on his list very soon, I would think. He clearly has a great 'noticing' eye, and the the capacity to be curious. I think that must run in the family too :).

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