Monday, May 11, 2015

The best two hours of my weekend

Oh my goodness. What a weekend I had! If we were sitting at an outdoor café sharing a cup of coffee, I'd have so much to tell you about my weekend you wouldn't get a word in edgewise! However, in the interest of blogland etiquette, I'm just going to tell you about a two-hour block of time: the yoga/mandala workshop I lead on Saturday afternoon.

Last month I wrote about a plan I had to teach a yoga/mandala workshop in the Ocean room at my favorite yoga studio. I have been working on the details of this workshop for a couple of months now...gosh...actually since the beginning of this year. I have been jotting down notes and dreaming up yoga sequences every day for months.

Some of the details I had visualized and dreamed about actually materialized beautifully - like the mandala we created in the center of our mats by passing balls of yarn in a particular order as we answered questions about ourselves. That was one of my favorite parts! :o) And some of the things I felt sure about in my mind didn't go as smoothly, but I'm chalking those up to learning experiences and I'll know what to do a little differently next time.

Most of all, I had fun. And the best part for me is that my students had fun too. I was so blessed to have nine of the sweetest women in my class. They honored me by following along to some of my slightly-awkward-flow sequences {I laugh now} and blessed me with meaningful feedback at the end of class. Many of them walked away clutching their mandala kits with a conviction and promise that there were many mandalas in their future.

I even received a text message from a student {and friend...hi Jess!} yesterday afternoon with photos of her two young daughters drawing mandalas. My heart went soaring! How wonderful to know that I was able to inspire others who in turn continued to inspire more.

There are many more yoga/mandala workshops in my future. I learned so much on Saturday and can't wait to put those lessons into action. I was inspired by my students who took mandala drawing to a new level, using my simple template in ways that hadn't occurred to me. I was the teacher, and I was the student. Ah - that's one of the coolest things about yoga, I think.

And now it's a whole new week with a whole new set of adventures. I'd love nothing more than to pull out my sketchbook and pencils and get lost in the magic of a new mandala but alas, duty calls.

Have a lovely week, my friends.
I'll catch you on the flipside.


Ruth said...

I'm so happy to read how successful your class was ... here's to many more!

helena said...

I hope you will be using the top photo on your business cards - sounds a fabulous class for you and the students

debs14 said...

So pleased it all went brilliantly. You've worked so hard to get where you are now, you deserve your success - keep enjoying it!

Karen said...

I'm not at all surprised by the success of your class! I love that first photo of you---hope you frame it!

scrappyjacky said...

Glad it went so sounds like a wonderful class.
The coolest thing about being any sort of teacher is just how much you learn from your students, I think.

Alison said...

Glad it went so well my friend xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Yea for you! I love that top picture

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