Monday, August 18, 2014

This weekend in my garden

Hello, blog friends!
Happy dang Monday to ya'! It was a wonderful weekend around here and felt much too short for my liking. I took a lot of photos, but most of them are for future blog posts, so today I give you garden photos.

August is probably my least favorite month in Arizona. We are tired of the heat, and my garden is over it too. You can tell by these sunflower photos that the heat is taking its toll.

And it's apparent when looking at my garden that I have been a busy girl with little time to tend to things outside. Busy schedule plus avoiding being out in the happens every August.
My first couple of classes for yoga teacher training were awesome! I'll attend classes every Thursday and Friday evenings through the end of the year, and I know I'll get in sync with my new schedule as the weeks progress, but this week I was off. It's a challenge to get home at 10:00 p.m. and then try to go right to sleep - my head was still spinning, absorbing all the great information and words of wisdom from my teachers.

It's typical for me to want to be organized during times of transition, so I spent Saturday in my craft room cleaning and purging some things. I needed to make room for the new stack of yoga books, and just feel like things were in order.
Saturday afternoon I looked outside and noticed sunlight on this year's blood orange crop, so I grabbed my camera and braved the heat. The results are photos in this blog post.

Let's see...what else...

I was busy in the kitchen this weekend. I've been seeing roasted garbanzo beans on Pinterest and finally tried them this weekend. They are just ok - a weird little snack that I would eat if I was starving, but not something I'd go for if there were other options! Kind of disappointing like roasted cauliflower was. Lesson: don't believe everything you see on Pinterest.

I made a batch of homemade granola that turned out fairly well - it will be good on yogurt this week. And! I made a batch of crazy delicious brownies yesterday afternoon. {Thanks for the recipe, Sue!}

Oh - and there was a scorpion in our silverware drawer. EEK! {Doug saved me.}

Carrie and I went to a yin/restorative yoga class yesterday afternoon that was really nice. As part of my teacher training I must attend a certain number of yoga classes and journal about them afterwards. I was much more mindful about postures that were practiced and thinking about remembering them for journaling later. It feels like every little part of my personal yoga practice has shifted. I'm glad about it, but my head doesn't seem fully wrapped around the whole thing yet. I'll get there!

Lucky, the dog.

And before you know it, Monday morning rolls around and it's time to work our way toward a new weekend. This is one of those Monday mornings that I wish with all my might was actually a Sunday morning, but what are you gonna' do? Time stands still for no one, my friends.
Shifting gears into corporate mode and wishing you all a happy week ahead!


Susi said...

Weekends do fly by so quickly. So much to do, so little time. Love the pic of Lucky. Enjoy your week.

Beverly said...

Those Thursdays and Fridays will be long days but at least they come at the end of the week and you have the weekend to recover. We have had the coolest August in 30 years, not complaining but it has been weird especially since a lot of the time it has been grey skies :/

debs14 said...

You'll soon be into that new routine, and how great that classes are at the end of the week.
We've definitely shifted into Autumn over here. Temperatures are noticeably lower today.

scrappyjacky said...

We've had the hottest summer for many years....with no rain for weeks....which caused my garden to go into a really mega sulk....I don't know how you manage in your heat. Our's has finally broken with torrential rain for a couple of days....and much lower temperatures garden is smiling....though I don't want autumn to arrive too soon!!
I'm sure you'll soon get into the routine of your classes.

Sian said...

yep, like Autumn here today.

I like it when you post about exercise on a Monday, because Monday night is Pilates night and now I feel more energised to go

Karen said...

Today was quite autumnal and I did comment to David how it is getting darker much earlier.

Debbie Nania said...

Your garden looks lovely and still pretty darn fresh for Arizona. How exciting that you are training to teach yoga. P.S. I love Lucky!❤️

Karen said...

We've had almost fall-like weather here this weekend. I'm not ready to let go of the warm weather of summer here in the northeast. I have a recipe for spicy roasted garbanzo beans that have been a huge hit with our book group as well as some other friends. We first had them at a Mediterranean restaurant in San Francisco a few years ago.

Miriam said...

Sunshine & rain everyday here. My garden resembles a jungle! I have no idea how you cope with the heat..

Sinead said...

Some beautiful photos in here Deb! I'm glad you braved the heat to bring the camera outdoors :) I love that one of Lucky. It definitely feels very autumnal in Ireland today, a chill in the air! It's great to hear you're getting on well with your yoga teacher training - well done xx

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