Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nachos for Dinner

Man, we love a good plate of nachos! Our favorite nachos ever were some that we had in San Diego while on vacation a few years ago. Maybe it was the ocean, the cold beer and the great company, but oh those were really good nachos! Last summer we went back there, dreaming of having those nachos again, but the restaurant had closed down. Bummer.

Then there was our favorite local place called Chuy's - wow they had some great nachos - but they closed too! Ugh!

We try nachos in restaurants here and there, and we've been disappointed so many times that I have finally just started making them myself. So many places use that runny "cheese sauce" that we aren't fans of. Give us some regular, honest-to-goodness grated cheese!

This is an easy go-to dish that can be heated in the microwave, thus not warming up the kitchen with the real oven this time of year. Here's how I make our favorite nachos:

Deb's Summertime Nachos
corn tortilla chips
grated cheese (I use a mix of cheddar and jack)
diced, cooked chicken
canned pinto beans, rinsed and drained
chopped tomatoes
diced avocado
diced jalapeno peppers
sliced olives
chopped cilantro

Use some tortilla chips that you really like - and it's best if they are the thick kind that don't break easily with the weight of all that yummy stuff on them. I arrange a layer of chips on a plate, kind of overlapping the edges and just making sure they are all flat.

Sprinkle with grated cheese - a lot of it - and then add a little chopped chicken and some pinto beans.

Add another layer of chips - not so many this time - and then repeat with the cheese, chicken, and beans.

Microwave for two minutes, or until the cheese is melted.

Now you can add all of your other toppings, pop open a cold one, and pretend you're at the beach.

How about you? Are you a fan of nachos?
Gosh, you should come on over some night and I'll make a plate for us!


Karen said...

Yum! This might be dinner tonight. I have some left-over grilled chicken that would be perfect for this!

Kirsti said...

Ooh yes I do like some nachos and no runny cheese here either..good old fashioned grated for us!! Will be there

Daniela Dobson said...

Those look wonderful. I love Nachos, but haven't had any in a long time

Becky said...

They look lovely! I'll pop over and share some with you soon :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I'm used to nachos that are much wetter than yours - with sour cream and guacamole, but I would really like to try your version.

Alison said...

I hate runny cheese've really put me in the mood ffor some nachos!!
Alison xx

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

they look super yummy! and now I want nachos!!

debs14 said...

Our nachos are more boring than yours! We just have tortilla crisps, tomato salsa and grated cheddar cheese in layers then microwaved until the cheese melts. Who what have you started, now I really want a dish of them!

Cheri said...

We make a taco salad that is similar - the only thing warm is the ground beef. Layer crumbled tortilla chips, lettuce, beef, cheese (yes, shredded cheddar jack, no fake processed cheese goo here!), tomatoes, salsa, and sour cream. I could add the black olives and avocado, but I'd be the only one eating that part. No jalapeno peppers for me! And seriously, the Old Reader JUST posted this on my feed... grrr.

Karen said...

Thank you for the Nacho recipe - will show it to Gracia as she is the Mexican cook in our house. Hope you can find some relief from the heat. I know what you mean about Doug. If David has to work on a car on the outside ramp he gets so hot and grumpy and will end up with a crashing headache because he doesn't drink enough water.

helena said...

yes I love good nachos but so many offered on menus around here are not great - will try your take - looks delicious

Ginger said...

one word... YUMMO!!

Lisa-Jane said...

OMG I love love love nachos! Off limits to me right now though because of the chips and the advocado and the cheese... but oh my they look good.

alexa said...

How wonderfully colourful! I'd like to try this, if I can find any gluten free ones. Or perhaps I'll google how to make some ... I can imagine this is lovely at the end of a warm day.

Anonymous said...

You've got me rapidly rethinking dinner. :) One of my favourites used to be Tostada but I haven't found any place up here that serves them.. (:

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