Sunday, April 8, 2012

My weekend {in Instagrams}

Hey blog peeps.
Welcome to my weekend round up.

I'm starting with this photo of the cute biscuit presentation from Whole Foods so that my first photo won't be of a shoulder diagram.

Having been unemployed for four months, I had kind of forgotten the glory of a Friday. And even better? A three day weekend! I started my Friday morning with a follow up trip to my surgeon - the shoulder doctor. He did not have good news for me, I got a stupid shot that hurt, and now we wait and see...

So that afternoon I put my gardening gloves on, popped open a cold one, and spent some time outside where the weather was nothing short of amazing all weekend!

Planted a fresh basil plant as the one I planted several months ago just wasn't making it.

Took a self-portrait/shadow style. The sun was so bright I actually got a little sunburn with only about 30 minutes in the sun!

Doug came home early Friday afternoon with a horrible stomach virus that kept him down for the count for the entire weekend. I did not like seeing him so sick!!! I picked some tomatoes from my garden and he couldn't even help me enjoy them.  :o(  {Yes, Margaret, it was the man-flu.}

Carrie came over Sunday morning for pancakes and we colored some eggs using gel food color. The colors were really fun, and it was nice to hang with my girl C!

And yesterday afternoon, I made something.

While I snacked on British chocolate by way of happy mail from Jemma. {Thanks, Jem!}
And there you have it.
I have no tale to tell about how caught up I am on all
the things that were calling my name all weekend.
Instead I took care of Doug and me.
And Carrie's dog.
And I ate chocolate.


debs14 said...

Looking at your photos was the only sunshine I saw all weekend! They've announced drought conditions here and we have a hose pipe ban for the rest of the year. The minute they did that, it rained. Not proper, downpour to clear the air rain, but annoying drizzle that just goes on and on - blah! Nothing else for it but to sit indoors and eat chocolate :-)
Sorry to hear that the shoulder isn't completely healed, hope the next visit brings better news.

Sian said...

Sorry to hear about the shoulder - and the stomach virus which affected our Easter too. Poor Little E didn't have a good weekend!

Jimjams said...

Sorry to hear the shoulder still isn't 100% but hope the injection helps. I'm still benefiting from a steroid injection and physio for mine; long may that continue!

So glad the chocolate arrived ... just 15000 miles (to Las Vegas and back and then back again to you)!

Would you please send me some sunshine in return :o)

Jo.C said...

Now Galaxy is my favourite chocolate hope you enjoyed it.
I would love some sun. We had a short spell a couple of days ago but didn't last long.

Cheri said...

You are such a tease! I love the peek at the "something" you made, but now I want to see the whole thing!

Sounds like a relaxing weekend (minus poor Doug's illness). Hope the shoulder gets better soon.

Mom said...

Hope Doug is better & I'm still praying for that should of yours! Drat it, anyway! Otherwise, looks like a great sun-filled Easter weekend. You made the best of it and that's all that counts! Love the art work but couldn't read the journaling. Love you, Sweetie! xo

Karen said...

Sorry about the shoulder of yours - hope the injection works. I spent Friday absolutely blitzing my pit of a house and am now happily sitting in a very tidy room. Hope Doug is feeling better x

Alison said...

Hope the injection gave you some relief...glad you enjoyed some sun and chocolate!
Alison xx

Margaret said...

Big sympathy cluck to Doug. Hope he is all better. And let's send another of those clucks to your shoulder. Glad you had chocolate.

Amanda said...

So sorry to hear about your shoulder and fingers crossed it improves soon. Good to hear that you managed to spend some time in your garden and a bit of creating too.

.....and you're welcome for the butterflies I just hope they reach you soon.

Karen said...

So sorry to hear Doug was sick, and that the shoulder is not doing as well as it should be! Yuck! Your eggs are beautiful. I don't remember the last time I colored Easter eggs. We've kind of let go of those traditions since the kids left home. Next year Skylar should be big enough to do some Easter crafts!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Except for the husband not feeling well, it sounds like a good weekend! Happy Easter!

scrappyjacky said...

Sorry to hear about the shoulder....keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Your garden is looking lovely.

Beverly said...

I was so hoping the shoulder had improved :( Was it cortisone, that really hurts. Did wonders for my elbow, they wouldn't use it on my shoulder and only lasted a few days with my knees so all kinds of possibilities out there ...praying yours is a huge relief from pain and better mobility! Love the color of the eggs, that was my fav pic over at Carrie's blog.

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