Monday, April 2, 2012

First Weekend Recap in April

Happy Monday morning, dear friends.
Spring has sprung in Arizona.

The weekend flew by, and much of it found me resting and trying to fight off a sinus infection. Ugh! Not really how I wanted to spend my weekend, but I did manage to enjoy some beautiful springtime weather. Wanna' see?
The poppy seeds I scattered at the beginning of the year have taken hold and are blooming brightly in our front yard. It's such a pretty pop of color, and I know that every year these babies will come back with a vengeance and multiply in numbers. I love that about poppies!

And the ocotillo in our front yard is in full bloom and just so pretty right now! This cactus is about 10-12 feet tall and looks so stunning this time of year.

Saturday night we went to see my nephew Ryne perform with his band, Downing Street at the Marquee Theater - a popular music venue. They were the headline act and we are so very proud of him!!!

Doug mowed the lawn for the first time in our new house. The grass has come in beautifully. {This reminds me that I need to do a before and after post on our backyard!}

More color around our house - the bougainvillea in our backyard is so pretty right now!!!

And then, there's this: I was sick all weekend and just kind of muddled through. My hopes of catching up on blog reading and housework did not come full circle but I'm trying not to stress too much about it. I'll get there...eventually...

I did manage to make some yummy chicken soup for dinner last night!
And there you have it.
A slam dunk look at my weekend.
This week?
I'm settling into my new job and cleaning up my office. I've replaced the office manager who has been with the company for over 20 years and taking over her work space. There's a lot to clean up and organize but I'm up for the challenge. She was there with me these past two weeks and now this week I'm on my own. {Yikes! And yay!}

Wishing each of you many blessings this week!!!


Beverly said...

Such glorious signs of spring! Looks like Whiskers Jay was very good and kept you company. I would be a bit nervous to be flying solo but SO EXCITED to make the place mine :) Have a great week, Deb!

Amanda said...

Very jealous of your bougainvillea it's such a fantastic colour.

.....and the very best of luck to you as you start out on your own in your new job. I'm sure you'll be settled in no time and get things organised.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Good luck with your first week on your own! I know you'll do great.

Mom said...

For someone who was sick, you accomplished a lot! Pictures are beautiful, as usual, and the mention of that soup makes me want to make a pot! If I can find my recipe....! I know how anxious you are to get your office in order--go get 'em, girl! Love you, Sweetie and feel better! xoxo

scrappyjacky said...

I love how your garden is coming along.
Good luck this week....but I'm sure you'll do fine.

Alison said...

Hope you're feeling better...good luck this'll be great!
Alison xx

Karen said...

Hope you are feeling better and I know you will rise to the

Karen said...

I'm betting that you'll have that office organized and cleaned in a way it hasn't seen in some time. Your bougainvillea is gorgeous. I don't think it grows in the north.

Margaret said...

As usual, you make the best of things. Even when you are sick you show us the sunny spots.

Irene said...

Hope you feel better for your first week alone.

Sian said...

Ooh, I hope you feel a lot better soon. Sinus infections are not nice at all!

Spring seems to have disappeared here again - so a drop of your Arizona sunshine is always welcome

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