Monday, January 2, 2012

First Weekend Recap of 2012

Happy New Year, blog friends!

Thanks for reading my lengthy story posts over the past couple of days,
and many thanks for your amazing and sweet comments.
How about a little lighter reading today with some
photos of my weekend?
I seem to manage at least one thing to ask Santa Claus for each year. Usually that thing is poo-poo'd by Doug and Carrie, combined with rolling of eyes and a bit of "what would you do with that?!?!" mixed in. This year's thing-I-wanted was a mini-donut maker. {Who's rolling their eyes now, eh?!?!}
I have been going crazy wanting to make donuts since I opened this package but it didn't seem doable with my right arm in a sling. I couldn't stand the waiting anymore, and busted out these bad boys yesterday.  {Confession: Since Doug was away on a hunting trip, I had donuts for dinner last night.}
I'm so excited about this goofy little thing that I'm thinking of doing a donut feature on my blog and making different donuts every week. I'll call it: "52 Donuts." {LOL... Check in with me one year from now and see if I weigh an extra 52 pounds!}

This sling I'm lugging around? Totally.Over.It.
I see my doctor for the two-week follow-up tomorrow morning and I'm really hoping he'll have good things to say about my recovery progress. More specifically, I really hope I can at least get rid of the foam block underneath the sling. It's bulky and hot and stupid.

Carrie's sweet friend, Lindsay had a housewarming party that we attended on Saturday. I made this little card for her...mostly with my left hand...

And last, but certainly not least as it was a big part of my weekend: my new iPhone.
I asked Santa and he delivered. Proof that I was a very good girl? I think so. ;o) Anyway, I swore I wouldn't be one of those people with my nose stuck to the phone but I'm there. Hoping that it's a phase and will wear off soon, but this phone is amazing and probably deserves its very own blog post in the future.

On the agenda this week? Continuing the practice of driving a mouse with my left hand, I'm looking for a job and doing lots of online reading. I finally figured out a way to tie my own shoes which means I can resume my daily walk around the neighborhood. Getting out of the house is huge for me right now. And my mind is swirling with potential blog posts...

My 2012 is off to a fabulous start!
How's your year so far?


debs14 said...

A year down the line and I'm still totally in love with my iphone! Hope the doc is impressed with your progress and that you are more comfortable very soon.
How I love the idea of a different donut each week for the year! They look so good, are they easy to make? That glaze looks finger-lickin' good!

scrappyjacky said...

A different donut each week....sounds perfect....apart from the possible 52lb gain!!!!

Kirsti said...

Wow a donut maker sounds really cool Deb and they look fabulous!! I would love an iphone but can't really justify the monthly contract:0( day..

Talk to you soon..
Kirsti xx

Cheri said...

I am just totally amazed that you can type all these posts without the full use of your right hand! I'd be lost!

I'll pass on the 52 weeks of donuts, but I'm glad you are enjoying your new toys!

Karen said...

I borrowed my friend's donut maker to make them with my Rainbows once and have wanted one ever since. Yours look so delicious. Hope it is good news when you visit the doc.

Beverly said...

Lifting a prayer that your progress has been beyond his expectations and soon you will be rehabbing that shoulder. Even lefthanded you create great cards. The donuts make a delightful photo but I'll pass on the sweets, I'm all about the salt ;)

Rhona said...

I LOVE my iPhone - so easy to use and so much to use it for :) I downloaded the kindle app on my iPhone and iPad so now have a book with me wherever I go :)
Love your donuts - that would be fatal here, I hate to think how much I'd put on!
Good luck with the check up and I hope you get to be more comfortable soon.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

That donut maker could be SO dangerous deb! Sounds like you're off to a great start this year, except for the arm, but I am sure you will be glad you did it when you're all healed up and rid of the sling. Happy 2012 friend!

Anonymous said...

Sarah and I have looked at that donut maker, but I'd be afraid to bring it home! I've had an iPhone for about a year now, and just love it. I have a ton of camera apps and am trying to learn a new one each week this year. Today I got two under my belt!

Good luck with the doctor. I can imagine that the sling is very frustrating, but I am so impressed with the card---I'd be impressed even if you used your right hand!

Ginger said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I don't need donuts but certainly don't mind looking ;)I am waiting for my current cell phone plan to run out and when it does I will be at the store purchasing an iPhone and I know I will be one of those people stuck to the phone. I am trying to keep track of what apps I need from what others say, so if you do a post I will be paying attention!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I want to come eat donuts for dinner with Deb!
I love my iphone (even though it's an old outdated one)!

Irene said...

Those donuts look delicious. Good luck with the Dr.

Sian said...

Not laughing at the donut maker at all - we actually bought one of these a couple of years ago and I think it's a lot of fun! Not easy to work one handed though! I'm completely looking forward to a donut a week - a few ideas would go down very well here.

My iphone is an older model but I love it - J bought me a book about iphone photography for Christmas

traci said...

the donut maker looks fun....but the iphone is funner. i know that's not a word but who cares. i love mine. it is amazing and beats any droid out there. let me know if you find and super must have aps!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of baked (not fried) donuts!! And they look so professional--is there anything you can't do, my dear--even one-handed?? Congrats on the iPhone--last year when I got my regular phone with keypad so I could text better, the girl actually told me she thought any phone with more kizmos on it might be too much for me. So I'll never own an i!!!! I'll just learn to be happy with what I've got! Love you!! xo

Mom said...

Oh, dear! I did it again--I'm anonymous! See? Now you know why I can't be trusted with an iPhone!

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