Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Last minute flower containers

Please ignore the crazy-daisies-not-quite-complete-flower-arrangement.
These will look a whole lot different with a full fall bouquet.

I'm not a fancy-schmancy flower arranger, but I'm gonna' give it a try this Thursday at my sister's house. When she asked if I would do the flower arrangements I offered to make the containers to put them in as well. I'm always bothered by tall centerpieces that block the view of the person sitting across the table from you, so I went with something low profile to keep the arrangements below eye-level.

I used empty cans and squished them straight down into the floral foam, then eased it down into the can just a bit so it wouldn't be right up along the top of the rim. I used paper from a large roll of kraft paper because, wouldn't you know it? These cans measure 12-1/2" around. My original plan to use scrapbook paper had to be reconsidered.

I stamped a design on the kraft paper before wrapping it around the can, then wrapped a 2" wide brown grosgrain ribbon around them, tied with raffia and they're done.

All in all a fun and simple and cheap project. These would also work for Christmas or any other party, covered with wrapping paper to match the occasion. I'll show you photos of these with the real-deal flowers next week!

November Attitude of Gratitude:
* I'm oh-so-grateful for my sweet blog friends who left me so much love and encouragement in yesterday's post with regard to my employment status (or lack thereof). ♥ ♥ ♥
* I'm so thankful for my lovely family that I will be spending the next five days with.
* I'm thankful for my sweet mom who insists on making dinner for us after our 11-hour drive tomorrow. {Not sure why CARRIE gets to pick the food choice, but whatever...}
* I'm thankful for my mom's awesome Grandmothering to Carrie. ♥


Cheri said...

How am I supposed to copy your Thanksgiving ideas if you go and use stamps I don't own???? {insert horrible whiny sound here}. Totally love the finished look of these, but I'm going to have to deal with whatever I can pick up at the grocery store!

scrappyjacky said...

What a stunning way to transform something ordinary into something so lovely.....I think I'll give these a go for christmas.

helena said...

love the kraft with the rafia - great idea and I so agree with you about tall arrangements on the table

Rhona said...

I love the way you've turned these tins into vases :) What a great idea and I'm sure they'll look wonderful on the table. Don't forget to take photos! xx

Mom said...

Score another hit for Deb! These are too cute! Maybe Val will hold a raffle to see who gets to take one home! Although I'm sure she'll want to keep them around the house all weekend--I would! xoxo

Thankful for:
1. Kids coming home!
2. Grandchildren who take time for me!
3. A very wonderful full day of shopping yesterday with one of my BFF's of 35 years.

Sian said...

Another clever idea from the house of Deb! You have given me a cute suggestion for a way of using all the coffee tins I have been saving up

Alison said...

You are so full of good ideas Deb...these are fab!
Alison xx

Gail said...

Looking good! I might even be able to give that a try for our Christmas table.

Becky said...

These are stunning! A great idea for using old cans :)

Cheryl said...

What a fab idea they look as if you bought them in an expensive store love them x

dianapena8 said...

what a great idea for a center piece, and the fresh flowers will look so pretty :)
Happy Thanksgiving =D

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