Thursday, August 18, 2011

Writing on the wall reveal {and giveaway}

The wall.
{I know...not a great picture, but turns out that colored pencils on a wall
aren't very bright and I had to darken this photo so the words would show...}
‘Appy birfday ~ Stone
Adventure ~ Amy
Be ~ Marlene
Believe ~ Kai
Belong ~ Sian
Blessed ~ Renae
Blessed ~ Ryann
Breathe ~ Rinda
Chhhh ~ Meta
Create ~ Elizabeth
Dare ~ Doug
Empowered ~ Jean
Enjoy ~ Helena
Faith ~ Susan
Family ~ Jacky
Family ~ Patty
Forever ~ Vee
Friendship ~ Lizzie
Friendship ~ Rhona
Fun ~ Diane
FUN! ~ UK Deb
FUN-tastic ~ Claudia
Glorious ~ Beverly
Happiness ~ Daniela
HAPPY ~ Cheri
Imagine ~ Gail
Infectious ~ Hollie
Inspire ~ Stephanie
Joy ~ Becky
Love ♥ ~ Carrie
Love ~ Mel
Loved ~ Ruth
Lovely wifie ~ Kirsti
Magical ~ Aunt Sharon
Memories ~ Judy
Mojo ~ Daphne
Muse ~ Margaret
OLSS ~ Connie
Peace ~ Irene
Peace ~ Sue
Positivity ~ Alison
Recollections ~ Betsy
Resourceful ~ Karen
Serendipity ~ Barbara
Sisters ~ Valerie
Soar ~ Mom
Sparkle ~ Jacie
Sunshine ~ Cate
Think! ~ Me
Turtle ~ Presley

Wow! When I asked for words for my new craft room wall I sure didn't think I'd have so many beautiful sentiments to scroll. FIFTY altogether! :o)!!! Some were left as comments on my original post, some came through my email, and others on Facebook.

When we got the keys to our new home this past Tuesday, I went straight to my craft room, armed with my list of words and some colored pencils {that I borrowed from Carrie because mine are packed}. I have to tell you that writing these words was an amazing experience and came with a pleasant surprise. As I wrote each word, along with the name of the person who gave it, I was deeply touched by the connection we have. I thought of each of you as I wrote your word, pausing for a moment to honor our connection. Many thanks to each of you for the amazing gift you gave me through your word-for-my-wall.

The Giveaway.
The day we got our keys we had a few friends over for a mini-celebration. My little friend Molly was SOOOOO soooo SOOO happy to be allowed to write on walls. I asked her to pick a number between one and 50 and she thought for a minute before saying "43." So, I typed the words in a list, sorted by alphabetical order and counted down the list to 43.

Congratulations, Karen! You win the prize.
The prize package will be mailed to you as soon as it's unpacked...
{I'll be in touch with you on the progress, ok?}

Thanks so much, everyone.
Your words and your friendship mean the world to me.
Have a blessed day!!!


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

FYI in case you're wondering:

'Appy birfday is from my nephew Stone who will turn three next month. For the past year he has beeen obsessed with birthdays - cake, candles, balloons, and his FAVORITE song is the birthday song. When my sister asked him what he'd write on Aunt Deb's wall he immediately said, "Appy birfday."

"Chhhh" is from my SIL Meta. When we clink wine glasses we make that sound. Silly, I know. But it's us.

"OLSS" is from my dear friend Connie whom I met in an online college class 10 years ago. We shared an immediate connection and have always referred to each other as "online soul sisters."

"Turtle" is from my 6-year old niece Presley. Made me smile really big when my sister left her comment. :o)

Cheri said...

Just goes to show how many people love you that they would all take time to offer a word and accompanying sentiment for your wall. You'll have to try to get a good photo so you can scrap it - along with the blog post and everyone's comments.

Mom said...

One of your most fun posts yet! Too bad they have to be painted over--but it's like having a daughter live out-of-state....even if you can't see her, you know she's there! Love you! Be safe driving and see you real soon! xoxo

Rhona said...

I love this post Deb and it was fun seeing all the words people had sent through to you :) As you sit in there crafting what fun to know all the words will still be there beneath your new paint! Safe trip tomorrow and have a wonderful time with your Mum and family xx

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

ooh! you can FEEL the love!! xoxo

Valerie said...

LOVE it---what a really cool project!!!! Loved reading all the different words!!! And YES Stone LOVES birthdays---yesterday I told him that his birthday party was coming up and he said--"ebreyone will sing to ME????" I said---yes and he was SOOO excited!!!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fabulous list, and I love the idea of "OLSS."
Can't wait to see you!

helena said...

what a lovely affirming wall - I love the idea and the list of words

and thanks for the ranch dressing that arrived this week - haven't made it up yet

Alison said...

Thanks for sharing all your words Deb...great how there weren't too many 'doublers'!
Alison xx

Sian said...

I think Stone's contribution has to be my favourite :)

Beverly said...

Just as glorious as I expected it to be, love this idea!

Karen said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy I have only just read this and thank you so much Deb. I wish you so much happiness and creativity in your new craft room xxxxx

Denise said...

Blimey, how did I miss this ?? lol - Here's my word for your craft room - 'home' x x x - hpe I'm not too late :-)

Margaret said...

Hooray for Karen! What a great wall of words that will make.

Rachel B said...

Oh no I missed it! I would have written 'sanctuary' on your craft wall. What a lovely post :)

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