Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Photo Catch-up

Last weekend I had the lovely opportunity to meet my blog friend, Rinda. We've been friends through our blogs for almost two years, and if you are a regular reader on my blog, you probably know about the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt I'm participating in. Well, Rinda is responsible for that scavenger hunt challenge. How fun and fitting that I would find some great sources for photos on her list while I was with her. :o) I'll put the ones I found with Rinda in this post, as well as a couple of extras for good measure.
 #1 - A picture of your entire team (or a self-portrait, if you're playing alone). So, it's a small photo of us, and I am participating in Rinda's scavenger hunt by myself, but I couldn't resist including her (and my girl C) in the photo. This was taken at an awesome shop called "Half to Have It" in Half Moon Bay, California. Loved it!!! Loved being there with Carrie and Rinda!!!

2. A museum - Not a super fun photo, but proof that I was there and got the shot for item #2.

#3 - A camp fire (or fire in a fireplace) - Ok...this might be pushing the envelope just a bit, but I live in Arizona where it's one thousand degrees outside. No campfires or fire-in-the-fireplace happening around here for a while so I had to improvise. :o} {In case you can't tell, there's a candle lit in there...}

#9 - A festival or fair - Driving back from Rinda's to my mom's house last weekend Carrie spotted a fair in the distance. I hurried to get my camera (thank goodness she was driving!) and got this blurred shot. I'm using it for item #9 just the same.

#11 - A forest - Rinda took us to this beautiful location called "The Enchanted Forest" in Moss Beach, California. It was an amazing spot and I wished we'd had more time to linger there. ~sigh~

#12 - A unicycle - Every time I see this picture I get a little giddy. Rinda had taken Carrie and I to see the Enchanted Forest and as we got out of the car I spotted this man carrying a unicycle across the parking lot. I could hardly believe my eyes! I called out to Rinda, "Oh my gosh, Rinda! Look!!!! A unicycle!!!" He must have thought I was a bit crazy when I approached him and asked if we could photograph him on his unicycle for this scavenger hunt, but he was very gracious about it. And how funny that he is here from Cambridge, England visiting at just the right time. { Sorry, UK friends! ;o) }
I have only three items left on the list of 21 things to find and photograph.
This has been such a fun summer project, I think I'll be sad to see it end.
Thanks, Rinda, for the inspiration!
{and I'm so happy that we found a unicycle together!}


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Fun deb! It sounds like you had a great time on your trip and with this challenge!

Amy said...

Gosh, sprucing up the new house and sprucing up the blog all at once ... you'd better have a sit down and a sip of cool drink!
You have done a great job finding items for the hunt - the one of the forest is quite spectacular!

debs14 said...

I can't believe that the unicycle guy comes from a place 30 miles away from where I live and yet I don't have a unicycle photo (you should have given him my address!) So lovely that you got to tick off so many photos while visiting with the person who organised the whole thing!

helena said...

great finds and I love how the scavenger hunt has created a community who know why seeing a unicycle is so exciting

Sian said...

I just love that unicycle story! It was meant to be.

The blog is looking wonderful

scrappyjacky said...

You're doing brilliantly with the hunt....I've still got loads to find....and just love the unicycle story.

Alison said...

I love the 'unicycle' story...couldn't help smiling when I read about it on Rinda's blog! Glad you had such a lovely time with her!
Alison xx

Mom said...

I'm with Amy--take a minute to put your feet up and breathe!!! Great job! xoxo

Anonymous said...

What fun! I can't believe the unicycle appeared at just the perfect moment!Half to Have It is one of my favorite places. I've seen many things there I wanted to bring home, but I settled for photos instead!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I've had a super busy week, so am just getting around to comment. Love, love, love our self-portrait and your photograph of the Enchanted Forest.

Rachel B said...

What a great find! The forest picture is beautiful, it really does look enchanting :)

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