Sunday, August 14, 2011

Celebrating National Yard Sale Day

We had a yard sale yesterday.
Turns out, it was "National Yard Sale Day."
Who knew?
One of the first "customers" of the day mentioned that it was "National Yard Sale Day" and it was the first we'd ever heard of it. A few other people mentioned it throughout the morning, and also said that there were hardly any other yard sales to go to.
Uh...maybe because it's the middle of August in Arizona and even though there was a heavy cloud coverage yesterday morning it was still stinking hot. And humid to boot. But I digress...
Douglas...getting ready to call it quits. {...and Janae's baby car seat that has been in three yard sales now and had yet to be sold. I finally sold it to a woman who practically got it for free. Ugh!}
So, a lot of my readers aren't in the USA and maybe you don't have yard {or garage} sales where you live. Our house is in a neighborhood close to a busy street, so we put the sign out and the traffic comes. You have to make sure you're good and ready when the sign goes up. Doug went to put the sign out and people were pulling up at the house before he was even back home.
 {The above photo also doubles as my entry #5 for
Rinda's Photography Scavenger Hunt.
"A hand lettered sign selling something or giving directions"}
The reason I am smiling is because Doug said we could be done with the sale and pack it up. I am not a big fan of holding a yard sale. It's a lot of work, and well...dealing with some of the people is kind of a pain in the neck. {Although, come to think of it, we did get a chance to visit with a lot of nice people as well.}
And the best part is the little bit of extra $$$ we have in our hands now.
We didn't get rich by any means,
but I feel rich beyond anything.


Amy said...

Garage sales are very popular here Deb, The Engineer loves them and tries to stop at everyone he sees ... he has more luck if I am not in the car with him!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

We're not allowed to in our town, but they are in all the surrounding areas. But believe it or not, I've never been to one. I need to get rid of stuff, not buy more! Glad it was a success - and less stuff to move, right?

scrappyjacky said...

We have garage sales here as well...though boot sales are more popular....pack your stuff up in your cars and go sell it in a field!! But we did very well at our last boot sale.

debs14 said...

I have never heard of anyone having a garage sale around where I live. Here we have organised 'boot sales' where people park up in a field or car park or whatever and sell from the boot of their car. I'm sure it's a great way to get rid of things you no longer need,especially when you are moving house! Spend that money wisely - and by that I mean on lots of crafty goodness ;-)

Anonymous said...

We need to have one but J absolutely hates the thought and like you both of us find it hard to deal with some of the people, especially the ones who want things for free. Hey it's called a sale not a giveaway. :) Glad you were able to get rid of some things and made a bit of money on it.

traci said...

i think yard sales are a lot of work, but i always like getting rid of stuff and making a few extra bucks.

Cheri said...

Our neighborhood has yard sales yearly - we stopped participating when the girls were still in grade school. After all the prep and wasting a Saturday sweating our butts off... it just wasn't worth it for the $20 or $60 we would make. We found we had a better return on investment just donating all the unwanted items and taking a write-off on our income taxes!

But we used to LOVE attending garage sales! Most of the girls outdoor ride-on toys came from yard sales. And barbie clothes and accessories. Oh yes, that was definitely a worthwhile pursuit back in the day.

Hope you find a suitable use for your hard-earned funds.

Sian said...

We don't have yard sales here at all, or Estate sales and I always think they sound like fun! I'm glad you managed to make some sales and clear some space and now you have a nice little fund to spend on a treat

Clair said...

Aw. Rich beyond anything. I always think of your family that way x

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