Friday, July 15, 2011

Just a quote for Friday

You make all of the fashion statements
just by dressing up your mind.


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Extra points if you noticed my goofy cat in the corner. LOL. I had the camera on self-timer and he kept getting in the shot. :o)

This photo was taken in 2007 as part of a series of poses I did for a yoga mini-book. Peace out. xo

Cheri said...

Well, I was doing that this morning... hadn't really gotten into yoga back in 2007!

Alison said...

Didn't notice the cat...I was too busy checking out what looks like an old Singer sewing machine?
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

I missed the cat, too. I was just so impressed with your self-portrait!

Mom said...

Great pose and I know you can still strike it! Your awesomely toned body is proof!

Maybe you should feature the sewing machine and how you came to own it--even the "greedy" part your uncle played in it!

Disneyland was great and we're exhaused but that's another story! xoxo

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