Saturday, July 2, 2011

Christmas in July

Hey, if you lived where it was a hundred-and-stinkin'-degrees
outside you'd be dreaming of a white Christmas too!
{ugh. it's. hot. here.}

Doug and I will be moving soon so I've started cleaning out spaces. One such space is our freezer. Seriously? How did I end up with six-little-leftover-frozen-bags-of-broccoli? ~sigh~ One of the things I found was a bag with the last few pieces of the pumpkin bread my mom makes for us every Christmas. It is one of my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. things about Christmas, and to find this little leftover morsel hiding behind a bag of something that might be ham was a sweet surprise!

And another little glimpse of Christmas this weekend is this:

I needed a star shaped cookie cutter for something that I'm baking for the 4th of July, so I went digging in my cookie cutter collection. {I know. I'm out of control.} This set of cookie cutters is intended for a stacked cookie Christmas tree {...that I've had since Carrie was little and have never used once. :o] } but they're serving a different purpose this weekend.

Summers in Arizona make me dream about autumn,
and we know what's right around the corner from that.
What about you?
Are you thinking about Christmas?
At all?


Lizzie said...

Arrrgh! No, no... not yet, Deb! I'm already so busy!
I did once go to a weekend away, with a group of other 18-30 year-olds (NOT the infamous Club 18-30!!!!), the theme of which was "An Early Christmas". The weekend was in June! We had a great time, with themed (outdoor) games, food and a "Christmas party" in the evening of the Saturday.
However, apart from this, and the occasional bit of "I have started my Christmas shopping early" smugness, I have successfully managed to keep Christmas at bay, until at least the end of November. It drives me crazy that the big stores put up their decorations etc earlier and earlier every year - last year it was the end of September, for goodness' sake!

No thanks; you enjoy your Early Christmas if you want - just leave me to the Summer time!

Have a lovely weekend though - and enjoy the Star-thingy making!

:-) xx

Cheri said...

Yes, I've been thinking about Christmas... thinking I should consider getting a second job so I can pay for it!

scrappyjacky said...

I'm still thinking about summer...and hoping we actually get one!!! Though the last few days have been unseasonally I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts.

debs14 said...

Us Brits would never wish summer away! Can't begin to imagine the heat you get there though. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those stars.

Becky said...

Definitely not! Got my summer vacation coming up soon - oh for somewhere warm! and then we are moving Ben to his new apartment in Reading - about an hour and half away. Penny starts college in September and I have a million and one things to do before Christmas! Hope you are enjoying thinking of it though lol! and have a great 4th of July.

Alison said...

Yes...I admit to starting to think about Christmas once June is over! We are so hot here too...tho' not QUITE 100plus degrees (though in the 90s which is quite hot enough thank you...roll on September!
Alison xx

Heather said...

Unfortunately we get reminded of Xmas at work in the card & gift shop when brochures come through the mail. And its not long til we start taking delivery of this years Xmas cards stock :(

I will be enjoying our 'summer' while it lasts - you never know we might see temperatures in the

Mom said...

And funny thing is--I think baking pumpkin bread is my favorite part of the holiday season. So you'll be getting this treat for I hope many Christmas' to come! I agree with Lizzie on this (paragraph #3) but I can understand how just a glimpse of Christmas doo-dads would have you drooling for winter! Hope you have a great 4th, my DD! Love you! xo

Maria Ontiveros said...

No -
Christmas is not on my radar at all! LOL! I have been following predictions for the record breaking heat for the baseball all star game,though. We're at a typical 68/70 degrees here.

cate said...

I have a set of nesting cookie cutter stars that I have never.ever.used. And I'm definately thinking about Christmas already! Can't start too soon in my book! Enjoy the pumpkin bread.

Amy said...

You see I ma the opposite - as you know - there is no way I could contemplate Christmas ... it is too cold!
Plus, I am an avoider ... give me few more months please!

Miss Smith said...

I love Christmas regardless and periodically muse on when it will come around again.

P.S. Went camping this weekend and totally rocked your way of doing smores. We use to melt the marshmallow and then assemble but stack, wrap and shove in the fire worked a treat!

Anonymous said...

Christmas is definitely not on my radar yet. I'm so glad to be enjoying time outside and summer activities. It's so different here as we rarely get days when it's too hot to be outside. Love the idea of a stacked Christmas tree made from star cookies, though!

Sian said...

I love Christmas at any time of the year!

Denise said...

Funnily enough I was looking through some Christmas stash the other eveninig wondering if I would actually ever use it!Oh and when I went to a crop yesterday I bought some Echo Park Christmas papers !! Hope it cools down a bit for you soon x x

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

no, no matter how hot, or how long the kids are, we never rush summer. Not until the end of August, and then I feel bad for the kids, who need to start school and I want to start summer all over again!

Beverly said...

oh nooo my dear! I love the heat of July and August and we get the added glory of Southern humidity :) I never ever ever think about Christmas early. About mid November is early enough for me although each year I think I'll start Christmas cards by Seprember (it's never happened)

Carrie Rosalind said...

I am just now getting to this in my Google Reader...cute post! :)

Let's make that star tree cookie thing with Molly this year!

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