Thursday, June 16, 2011

Come camping with us...

By the end of this week you'll feel like you've been camping with us.
Lucky you!
 The juniper trees are covered with berries this time of year.
 View of the valley on the back side of our property.
View of my camp-chair side table. Iced tea in a mason jar,
wrapped with a koozie knitted by my friend, Judy.
And a little bottle of bubbles.
To get a sense of how large these boulders are, look
for my little friend Molly under the center rock.
 Friend's tents scattered around the property.
Sliders cooked on the large grill that our friend Steve welded for us.
There were fire restrictions last weekend so everything was cooked on this grill.
{Thanks, Steve!}
Our friends Dave and Sophia rocked these sliders for us!
Everyone loved them.
 And my brother-in-law, Michael is our breakfast chef.
On the second morning at camp our 3-year-old camper,
Gavin asked, "Where's our breakfast?"
Michael got to work. :o)
Washing dishes can be a challenge, but I'd rather be washing
dishes at camp than at home!
Meet Juni-Bear.
Carved from a juniper tree stump by our friend, Steve.
{Thanks again, Steve!!!}
Another look off the back side of the property at dusk.


traci said...

thanks for letting me camp along with ya. beautiful. that grill is awesome. that's a man's grill right there. they look like pretty good cooks. have fun!!!

Ruth said...

Goodness, you are so lucky to have access to such a beautiful place.

helena said...

ohDeb it all looks so invigorating and soul filling - I can smell the grill and the juniper - but what I love the most is having iced tea in a handmade holder and bubbles next to your chair - bliss

scrappyjacky said...

It's just so beautiful,Deb....and looks such fun...that it might even persuade me to go camping if I was there!!

Beverly said...

Oh I really, really wish I was there, we love to camp! That grill is awesome and it looks like you have some very fine cooks :) I'm looking forward to more camping through you this week!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love that grill - it's huge! And I love camping with you - virtually.

Becky said...

How lovely to camp with you - virtually! I love the grill - massive! Save me some breakfast please :)

Denise said...

Two words - 'Wow' and 'Yum' :-)

Anonymous said...

If any of your followers are knitters the "koozy" is 18 stitches by 55 rowns.
Row 1 - K across.
Row 2 - K3, purl, K last 3.
Size 5 needles. Cotton yarn (I like using the variegated yarns to keep them interesting.)
I might add one more row for mason jars as it was a little tight getting it on there. Friend Judy

Rhona said...

Your property is in such a beautiful location, I'm not surprised you'd rather be there :) xx

Heather said...

who needs 'smelly-vision' when your pics & words give us all we need! thankyou Debs xx

Mom said...

The very best part of camping--the food! And your's looks beyond tasty! Love the koozy--now if only I could knit. Maybe I'll find a tutorial on YouTube.........yeah, right! Great job, Sweetie! xo

Karen said...

I'd come camping with you anytime Deb as it looks such fun.

Cheryl said...

wow you are so lucky and it looks like you are having a fab time x

Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun! We typically go camping just once a year, but this year we're going to Alaska with our camping buddies so no tents for us this summer!

Margaret said...

What a fantastic grill! So big and roomy. I bet it makes everything taste extra delicious.

Patty Chatt said...

What an awesome place Deb! We love to tent camp as well although we don't have a grill like that! Awesome!Everything just tastes better outside ;)
Love ya!

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