Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 PaperTurtle Re-cap

Happy New Year greetings to everyone! When I decided to do a 2010 recap I didn't realize how much time would be involved in creating this post. Ha. But isn't that the way it is with blogging in general? At least it is for me anyway.
As I scrolled through my blog posts from this past year, I was a bit over-whelmed with how many posts I have created, and the amount of things I've created to post about. I guess that's my answer to the question, "Where has this year gone?"
This post is photo heavy and contains a few things from each month that are among my favorites. I haven't put links to the original posts (just too time consuming this afternoon) but you can find them in my history links on the right sidebar if you are curious and want more information. I hope you will enjoy...
♥ ♥ ♥
My word for 2010 was "JOY" and I began January with a
layout to display and remind me to find joy in simple things.
I started working on Valentine's Day decorations
in preparation for my niece's bridal shower that
would be a Valentine theme.
And I did a post about fresh eggs. Yes, eggs.
In February I wrote a post about why I love turtles,
a Valentine's Day post for Doug, with a
story about my heart rock collection,
and lots of photos from the bridal shower
I helped host for our niece Krissy.
In March I took Shimelle's class
"Something from Almost Nothing"
and had so much fun using up supplies
I had on hand.
I also made this little bunny and hosted a blog giveaway.
My favorite layout from
"Something from Almost Nothing" class.
In April, I made a beach-themed book for my
nephew Stone with the photos my sister took
on their family vacation.
And a whole bunch of these little felt birds.
I sold a few and made several for gifts.
And I did a tutorial on how to make this little book.
{I used scraps from my SfAN class.}
And I showed this project that I made several years ago.
May is my birth month, and I participated
in a House Blog Hop sponsored by Rinda.
And also an "All About Me" blog hop hosted by Mel.
I made this canvas beach book for my sister.
{Super fun project!}
In June Doug and I took a road trip and
I had lots of nature photos to share.
I made a birthday banner for my friend who turned 30. And I captured photos of Larry, our resident lizard
who was trapped between the window and the screen.
{Doug freed him once the photo session was complete.}
In July I signed up for Kathy Zielske's class
"Me: The Abridged Version"
{My version was very abridged. I made it to the letter D.}
I started making canvas tote bags and had
so much fun making different designs.
In August we celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday
and my niece Presley reached a milestone - lost her
first tooth {pulled by Carrie}.
And I made this bunting tote bag for Carrie.
In September I made a car mat for my nephew Stone.
And couldn't wait to start thinking about fall, so I
made some fall treats to give as thank you gifts.
In October Doug and I visited our northern property.
We were lucky to see so many sunflowers blooming.
Doug and I hosted our first annual chili cook-off.
And I participated in Amy's "Let's Eat" blog hop.
Carrie and I made spiders out of beads and wire.
In November I participated in the
"Blog Friendship Hop" hosted by Lizzie and Jo.
I also participated in my first craft fair with my friend Janae.
And we celebrated Doug's birthday with a blueberry pie.
In December I made way too many sweet things to eat.
I participated in Sian's "Christmas Club,"
and I made more garland...
And finally, I made these JOY letters for Carrie's new home. You know it was a good year when it started
with JOY and ended with JOY.

And that was a whole lotta' joy in between!!!

Thanks so much for being a part of my blog life in 2010.
You've helped made it a fabulous year!!!


helena said...

Joy is definately what your blogs prompted in me. So many times I've thought - what a lovely sister/aunt/mum Deb is and your review highlights many of those posts. I love your style and range of craft skills but above all the love and thought that goes into each gift.

Warm wishes for a joyful 2011 and plenty more blog posts.

Mom said...

Great re-cap! I certainly had a joyfull year following your blog and being insired by all your beautifully created projects! Presley said last night after we had crafted a little: "We're good artists but Aunt Deb is a great artist". Well said, little one! Happy New Year, DD! Hope it's your best yet! xo

Ruth said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful post! I'm so happy to have met you, Deb and to call you my friend! I wish you and yours continued joy in 2011. x

Rhona said...

It was so much fun reading through your recap - so many of the things you showed felt like they'd only just been on the blog so it was fun to see when they were originally posted. You have brought much JOY into my life too and I'm so glad that I found your blog and have you as a friend.
I hope 2011 will be even more JOYous for you and your family and I can't wait to see what creative things you make this year.
Happy New Year!!

Carrie Rosalind said...

Super cute blog re-cap! It's been a great year in the world of PaperTurtle, and I know that 2011 is going to be even better!

Love you LOTS!

Margaret said...

I had so much funning reading this post and seeing how your talents moved through the year with you. You are so talented. Congratulations on a year full of wonderful crafts and blog posts. I always look forward to them.

Denise said...

Wonderful post and I am so glad I found you too - Happy New Year to you and yours xxxx

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

even your recaps are cute! I just saw the cutest turtle cake today and I wish you lived closer so I could make it for you. Happy New Year my friend!!

Karen said...

Lovely recap of the year and as always I am amazed at your awesome crafting talent. Happy New Year and I look forward to our cyber communications in 2011 xxx

MarleneMAZ said...

Love your re-cap of the year, most of them I remember reading. Wishing you more Joy for 2011!!

Amy said...

Looking back over the year I can remember so many wonderful posts and projects and photos - always full of joy, generosity and kindness. Happy New Year to you and Doug and Carrie :-)

Clair said...

Wow! I'd forgotten half of those projects, but there are definitely a few of my own favourites in there. Hoping that you'll keep up the creativity in the new year x

traci said...

wow girl. that is one busy, creative year. you're my hero. i wish i had half your creativity. happy new year deb. home 2011 is filled with lots more joy.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great recap! I may just do one myself sooner rather than later.

debs14 said...

So much turtle goodness in this post Deb! It's certainly been an eventful year for you and your family.
It's been great being allowed into your world over the last year and I am looking forward to seeing what happens in 2011.
Happy new year xxx

Sian said...

You have had a fabulously creative year Deb - and it has been a treat today to revisit some of your beautiful projects. Have I told you how much I love your photos too?!

All the very best fo everything you could wish for in 2011

Tina said...

All this time I didn't know you had a blog!! So glad I found you. Happy New Year to you and your family. :D

Daniela said...

What a fun post!!! Love all your creations and your blog. Thanks so much for sharing... Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Deb! I came to your blog late in 2010 so it was lots of fun to see so many of your wonderful creations that I had missed. Looking forward to all you do in 2011.

Lady Moon said...

What a wonderful post! I am pretty new to following you and this was a great way to see what your blog is really about. I love everything you made and want to try some myself. I have crafted since I was a kid but I am excited to try new things I have found here. I can't wait to browse through your posts. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Joy is the perfect word to describe what your blog gives us. Happy New Year!

scrappyjacky said...

A wonderful recap, many beautiful projects....I just love coming to your blog....and seeing all your cute creativity.

Rachel B said...

Fab post Deb, I love all of your little projects and look forward to seeing more in 2011. Happy new year :)

Kirsti said...

Wow Deb...what a busy busy turtle you have been and JOY is definitely the word for you as your blog and creations have brought so much...I have loved reading about all that's been going on in your world...(((hugs))) Kirsti xx

PS The Happy New Year photo was pinched from Daisy Daydreams blog as a link back to her!

Cheri said...

Wow! You had quite the busy creative year! What amazes me most about this is how much of that joy I also participated in! Thank you for bringing it home to me.

Lizzie said...

Oh, what a lovely post, Deb! I missed it when you posted it - I've been a bit busy I guess - so I'm catching up today.

You certainly seem to have had a great year. I do remember there being one or two less joyful posts, but on the whole, it really was a year full of Joy at Paper Turtle!

It's been great getting to know you and joining in with you in some of your (or my) projects. I hope this year will be just as good, with plenty of time for that Thinking you are planning for.

humel said...

What a super summary! It's been such fun following along with you through 2010, and I very much look forward to the same through 2011 :-)

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