Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eek! A {bead} spider!!!

Carrie found this really cool tutorial for a spider made of
beads and we thought it would be the perfect project
for our Monday night craft.
I have a decent amount of beading supplies left over from my beading phase {about 5 to 10 years ago I was crazy into jewelry making until I got totally burned out...} so I brought the spider supplies and she made a yummy corn chowder for dinner. It was a great trade!!!

It's been a while since I've worked with beads and wire. Turns out that my eyesight has faded quite a bit since the last time I tried stringing tiny little seed beads onto wire. I was frustrated and had to start over early in the game. :o\

Carrie found great satisfaction having her spider form done and two legs of beads strung before I even had my form together. She finally got tired of hearing me complain about not being able to see and brought out an extra lamp for me.

That's what I needed!

Each of us ended up making two of these little gems. So much for my high hopes of making six or seven of them to give as little tokens to some of my local friends. They weren't really difficult to make, just very tedious work with such small beads.

In my beading supplies I found an old magazine article I'd clipped out that showed how to make "bead buddies" ~ funny little people made with wire and random beads. When I showed it to Carrie and suggested that if we had time we could make some of those too, she rolled her eyes and said, "Mother. I'm not five." I answered, "You'll always be five in my mind and in my heart!"

We talked about how we used to craft together when she was little, always choosing projects that could be completed in one sitting. And we talked about how we'd gotten away from that once she got older, choosing projects that were more involved and usually ended up never being completed. I love that we have our Monday nights to craft together and that we are back to selecting projects to be done in one evening's time. And we agreed last night that I'll continue to provide the crafting supplies, and she'll provide dinner on Monday nights. Works for me!

:o} xo


Amy said...

Despite the lack of light you did a great job Mum!
I am loving the stories and the projects coming from the Monday Night Creative ... now, Carrie needs to share this recipe I think! :-)

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a wonderful night! I loved how you told the story. The white pumpkin with goggly eyes is really cute, too.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Absolutely adorable!! Kudos to you and your Carrie.

debs14 said...

That's so clever! Perfect for Halloween time of year too!
Today I am aiming to have a go at the pumpkin you showed last week.
I hate the way I need my glasses more and more nowadays, I often put it down to bad light too!

Kirsti said...

Aaaw honey...that is so lovely that you have a dedicated day to craft together...my lot are so busy after school that we have not one evening free...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute wee spiders...may give them a go myself...have a great day...Kirsti xx

traci said...

when i grow up i want to be crafty like you.

that is the only cute spider i have ever seen.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Deb these came out great! And how sweet that you and your girl get this time together. You guys are adorable!

Sian said...

My eyes know how your eyes feel! But the spider is fantastic - I bet you could make a turtle the same way? I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome of many more Monday craft nights

Liberty :) said...

totally gorgeous and inventive! carrie is so lucky to have you x

Valerie said...

Those are too cute! So awesome that you have your crafting nights together! Very special! Poor Pres---she will have to settle for me watching her craft!! I don't have a crafting bone in my body--so un-fair that you got it ALL!!!! But lucky for us that you did!
Love ya!

Mom said...

Cute, cute! I agree with Traci--not many cute spiders out there!

And I love that you girls have crafting nights--Carrie is becoming quite the cook, I see! Two talented gals and all those supplies and great food. Winning combo!

Presley may have to settle for crafting with Grandma--not a bad deal for me! xo

Carrie Rosalind said...

It was a fun night! I'm glad you finally got the hang of it. :) I brought one of my spiders to work today.

humel said...

They look great! But I think I maybe won't be showing this post to The Girl.... xx

Karen said...

Love those spiders. Love you girls having such a blast together. Hope the Monday night creativity goes on for a long time to come.

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