Saturday, October 30, 2010

BOO! {did i scare ya'?}

Happy Halloween, everyone.
Friday night we did our annual pumpkin carving. Personally, I could take or leave it, but Carrie insists that we still carve Jack-o-lanterns every year. Jack-o-lanterns are typically put on your front door step to invite trick-or-treaters up to your door, but over the past several years the number of children trick-or-treating for candy has dwindled. I think we had 12 kids at our door last year, and several of them were teen aged boys taller than me and with deeper voices than mine! {This annoys me!}
I'm still nursing my shoulder {I have a tear in my right rotator cuff that I'm trying to re-hab in hopes of avoiding surgery} so I wasn't able to do a whole lot with carving my pumpkin this year. Carrie cut the top out for me and I made it as far as cutting the mouth before drawing the rest of my Jack-o-lantern face onto the pumpkin and having Doug cut it out for me.
Carrie teases me about the fact that my pumpkin face looks the same every year. She even noticed that the pumpkin face I cut from fabric for my nephew's treat bag earlier this month looked just like my annual Halloween pumpkin. {So?} Carrie's pumpkin looks different every year. This year she went with the vampire theme:
Carrie and I always lean toward the whimsical side of Jack-o-lantern faces, but Doug's is always scary. Boys!

{This is not my photo and I have no idea who to give credit to.
If it's yours, or you know whose it is please let me know
and I will post proper credit!}
PS: Happy birthday wishes go out to my friends ~ Connie, who lives in Hawaii, and Amy down in Australia. Here's wishing each of you a fabulous day!!! ♥ ♥


Sian said...

Your pumpkins are fantastic! We gave one of ours a different look this year by painting it black - but I think orange and natural is still the best. happy halloween!

debs14 said...

Great pumpkins, love the vampire one especially!
ps my husband just had keyhole surgery for a similar shoulder problem! Hope you manage to get yours back to health by rest and/or manipulation.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh my gosh - we haven't carved ours yet! I guess I need to add it to today's to-do list! We get so few trick or treaters that we'r going over to a friends' house today instead.

Mom said...

A family full of artists! Those are all so cute! Fun times!

My pumpkins were limited to those cloth ones you posted--I've made 12and have 3 more to make. They're fun to do and I guess I'll give some away and keep some! Thanks for the idea! Happy trick-or-treating! xo

humel said...

Hallowe'en greetings to you! Poor shoulder - I hope it recovers fully very soon xx

Becky said...

Love your pumpkins! We don't go in for it much in our house, as you know, but we Penny did carve one this year, which we popped in the window and we did have several little trick or treaters turn up, which really pleased Penny :)

Ruth said...

Such brilliant pumpkins! Hope your shoulder sorts itself very soon. x

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Terrific pumpkins! My kids never really got into the carving, but these are great! Happy Halloween!

Liberty :) said...

fab pumpkins, we didn't get chance to do ours :(

MarleneMAZ said...

I think it is great that Carrie still wants to carve pumpkins. We only did one this year and again hardly had any trick or treaters, next year will be getting just one bag of candy to give out so I do not have all these leftovers.

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