Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh, Saturday, here you are...

Good day, friends. I hope this finds each of you enjoying your Saturday.
I had a post ready to publish this morning but had to hold off. You see, it was all about showing you the gift I made for my sister's birthday (Happy Birthday today, V!!!) but she hasn't actually received it yet, so I didn't feel right posting pictures here before she has a chance to see it. (She and her hubby left for a weekend getaway yesterday before her mailman arrived, against my wishes to wait until the mail arrived!!!)
On my plate for this weekend:
* Going to the bank this morning to figure out what kind of copy of my account statement Carrie's home lender needs from my account even though I'm not co-signing on her loan. ugh! She put an offer on a townhome on April 23rd and was told it would close by the end of May. Then by June 11 (yes, we were supposed to move her yesterday). Now, it looks like it will be sometime next week. Poor thing. All she wants to do is move in and get settled. She has spent the past two months sleeping on the couch in our front room, living out of a plastic closet, and all of her personal belongings boxed up in our garage. The banks are so overly cautious because of all the home foreclosures over the past few years, and there is SOOOOOO much red tape to cut through before the deal closes. She's stressed and I want to fix it for her but I can't. :o(
* Resting my shoulder in hopes that the pain will subside. Yes, four weeks of stabbing pain and restless nights that even my boss (a chiropractor) can't seem to fix. I'm probably going to have to go to the doctor this week (which I HATE doing).
* Tidying up my craft space. If I can't craft (because of my stupid shoulder) I might as well get organized.
* Feeling sentimental about Carrie moving into her very own home...really leaving the nest for good.
* Deep breathing and trying to be light hearted in the midst of everything...

Carrie: "What's wrong, Mom-friend?"
Me: "I don't know...I've been in kind of a funk lately..."
Carrie [rolling her eyes]: "Dude. You do this every time I move out."
Me: "Well, quit moving out!"


debs14 said...

It's hard letting them be independant isn't it? Lucky you have such a great relationship because you know that even when she's moved out, she'll always keep coming back to see you.
I'm sending big English get better soon wishes for your shoulder. I've finally been given the all clear from my chiropractor after about 10 weeks of treatment. No one can understand how excrutiating the pain is unless they have been through it themselves, so let me tell you - I really do feel your pain!
Hope you have a good weekend. Enjoy your last little while with Carrie still at home x

helena said...

Oh how frustrating for Carrie having the day she gets the keys moving away.

The system in Scotland is very predictable - the buyer makes an offer, including handover date. If the seller accepts then that is a binding contract. So I know I will get the keys to my new place on 7 July - counting the days.

Sian said...

That's so disappointing for her :( What a lovely conversation to have with her though.

Sorry to hear about the pain and the trip to the doctoer and I'm sending good wishes for some improvement soon.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a lovely post . . . your relationship with your daughter is such a treasure! And I love the photo at the bottom of your post.

Karen said...

I just love the conversations you have with Carrie - fingers crossed about her move though.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Aw! I hope you feel better and that the house issues work out smoothly, well, and quickly! Have a wonderful weekend and take care of that shoulder!

MarleneMAZ said...

Sorry that she is having all the issues with her new home. I totally understand your funk and my son hasn't left home yet but it is getting closer all the time.

Ruth said...

Am sending you a hug, both for your shoulder and for Carrie moving out. You can be very proud of raising such a lovely young woman.

scrappyjacky said...

Hope the move finally gets sorted out....and your shoulder.

Mom said...

Poor baby! Please get that shoulder checked out! May just be a little bursitis that a cortisone shot will take care of. Poor Carrie! This is just going to make her appreciate her new place even more!

Quite time here right this minute---Stone is napping and Papa took Presley to see Marmaduke. Love you! xo

Amy said...

Deb that shoulder pain sounds so nasty - and it really must be a problem if the chiro is having trouble fixing it - love chiro's here too, my little brother is one!
Hopefully all will be sorted for Carrie soon, it's always hard waiting for the finances to be finalised, especially when it is the excitement of your very first home!
Take care deb :-)

humel said...

Aww, hun - so sorry about your shoulder and about the whole Carrie-moving-out thing xx

Margaret said...

She found her home! Hope her goddess worked. Best wishes, Carrie!

Catherine said...

Oh those little birdies have a way of growing and flying out of the nest...

Hope your shoulder gets better I have just had a terrible 6 month+ period of a frozen shoulder. It is a real
Take care,

traci said...

yeah, i don't think i'll like that day either. i like having the kids around. hope that shoulder feels better soon.

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