Saturday, April 24, 2010

How I roll on a Saturday night...

Hubby is at our northern property this weekend with five of his friends, a wood cutting permit, chainsaws, steak and beer (I know, crazy combination!) so Carrie and I had girl's night in! Our good friend Janae came over and we had a fun time crafting and chatting and snacking and laughing.

My kind of Saturday night!

♥ ♥ ♥

Here's a look at my work space ~ working on Stone's beach book layout. I'm loving the color combinations and working with these adorable pictures my sister took!
Janae worked on a framed piece for her kid's bathroom.

Carrie worked on an art journal she's creating while taking an online class (Tell Your Story) pictures of her project because "it's kind of private." When we get together with friends there's always an exchange of art stash. Janae had a random glittered "C" in her stuff and gave it to Carrie. This girl loves her name and the letter C. :o)

This may seem like an odd thing to throw in, but a big distraction early in the evening was this large gecko lizard outside our kitchen window (see him on the upper right side of the fence?). I know, he looks small in the photo, but he was huge in comparison to what we normally see. He was out there most of the evening, along with a smaller lizard doing their "spring thing" right in front of us. It was fairly interesting and a little disgusting to see two lizards mating on our fence. LOL. We tried to get a closer shot outside but the lizard couple was shy and ran away at the first sight of Carrie and the camera on the side of the house.

Last week I bought a new point-and-shoot camera and it has a "smile detector" feature. Have you heard of this? Pretty crazy technology, actually. With the "smile detector" on you don't have to push the button to take a picture - it automatically senses an actual smile and takes the photo. (Why you would want this I'm not sure...???) We tested the different settings - slight smile, medium smile, big smile. Carrie would point the camera while we frowned, then as the corners of our mouths went up ==FLASH== the camera would go off. We found this extremely hilarious and had [too much] fun testing it out. Of the 20+ photos we shot, this is the only one that came out somewhat "normal" of Janae and I.

Good times! For sure.

How was your Saturday night?



jelly roll said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad to see there aren't any "slight" smiles on here! :) It was such a fun night and I love how my frame turned out!

Rhona said...

Your Saturday night sounds like it was great fun! I wish I had someone nearby that I could do crafty things with but none of my friends are that way inclined :o(. x

Sian said...

Well, I certainly didn't see any lizards! We had a quiet saturday night in with a pizza..nothing fancy, just nice and relaxed. Yours sounds like fun :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Wow! What fun! My brother (who's a fabulous carpenter in his spare time - a wonderful grade school teacher IRL) always said you weren't allowed to drink until after you were done with the power tools!
On Saturday night, DH grilled a nice tritip, we watched the Giants win their baseball game (and the Sharks win their hockey game), and I finished a terrific book. Quiet, but very nice.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to see his book--that page on here is adorable!!!! Love ya!


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a great way to spend an evening...I always love crafting with well as it being fun....I always seem to be so much more productive as well.
So.....if you're walking down the street with your it going to flash at everyone who smiles....think that could get you arrested in the UK!!!! Sounds a bit spooky really.

debs14 said...

No geckos in my part of the world, although my husband found quite a few little baby frogs when he put a new pump in the pond in our garden!
Saturday night involved a visit to good friends of ours, bottles of champagne and ... I don't remember much else ;-)
(only joking!)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Sounds like a fun time! And how gorgeous is your daughter - gets it from her mom! Love the layout, but um, EW on the gecko-spring-fling. I have a sony point and shoot with the same feature. It is really good with kids- I think the idea is if someone smiles, you always get the shot instead of missing it. That being said, it NEVER works on my husband, no matter how big he smiles. Go figure!

Ruth said...

Can't wait to see your beach album when it is complete. Best thing about husbands being away? No need to feel guilty about evening scrapping!
Our Saturday night was DH's homemade pizza (delish) and the TV.

helena said...

love the colours on the beach album.

I've seen ads for the automatic picture when it sees a smile and wondered when it would be useful and if it would take photos of strangers who smile when near your camera which could be awkward.
My camera has a function that says it does not take blinking eyes but when I tested it all the photos had closed eyes - must read the instructions and play again

Karen said...

We had a busy weekend and I love that you and Carrie have 'girlie' nights in. I wished Gracia enjoyed crafting but she doesn't so our Friday nights, when David goes out, are spent watching chick flicks and eating chocolate!

So glad you have such a super time with Carrie and your friend.

How funny - a smile setting on your camera.

Mom said...

Lovin' your post today! Glad I missed the lizard orgy--I get embarrassed when I see PDA's in the animal world!

Stone's book is looking so cute! Love the colors! And the pictures of the three of you girls are darling! What a unique feature for a camera! Maybe if you never had to tell anyone to smile, they'd never be fake--thinking Presley right now!

We've got Presley this weekend--wanted to have a weekend to herself without having to share with Stone--Papa has had to make 2 trips to work (he's on call) and we have 2 new neighbor girls and she's played with them alllllll afternoon! Live is so good sometimes I can't stand it! xo

P.S.Maybe I should have just e-mailed you! xo

The Norman Clan said...

Not as fun as yours.. ;-)

Glad you three had a chance to meet and crop.. :-)

Love ya

traci said...

sounds like my kind of saturday night too. especially when there are m&m's in the mix.

humel said...

Love girls' nights in - haven't had one in ages! Had some good girls' days in with Clair, though... Glad you had such a good time xx

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