Sunday, December 20, 2009

Card box tutorial

Welcome to my first blog tutorial.

Hello all! I have been making these origami treat boxes for years - mostly using recycled Christmas cards. They are great for gifting little trinkets and candies. Once you make these you'll never look at a Christmas card the same way again! Everytime I see a pretty design on the front of one I think, "Hey, that would make a nice box!" :o) I have also made these boxes using a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper for a larger box -- so unique and a fun way to package a small gift!

Here's how it's done.

You'll need these simple tools:

1 - You'll need paper for the top and bottom box pieces. I like to use cardstock, but for this tutorial I'm using an old Christmas card.

2 - Cut your paper into a perfect square - you'll need one for the top and one for the bottom. The top piece should be about 1/4" larger than the bottom piece. (For example, if the top piece is 5-1/4" x 5-1/4", the bottom should be 5"x5".)

3 - Use a ruler to mark an X in the center.
4 - Using the X as a guide, fold each corner to meet in the middle.

5 - Now fold the top and bottom sides in and crease well.

6 - Open up and then fold the sides in and crease well.

7 - Now you're going to open up two of the flaps of your box...
7 (continued) - Open the box to look like this:
8 - Find your crease lines for cutting. Cut along these lines on both sides. (I know, I know, origami isn't supposed to be CUT, and there's another way to make these boxes where you fold these corner edges in instead of cutting them, but I've found that these boxes have a better shape if these pieces are cut and tucked in.)

9 - Fold these cut edges into the center, and then fold the large flaps over them to complete the box top (as shown in the next few photos).

10 - You can add a little bit of glue or tape to hold the ends in place, but I find that if you play with it a little you can get the pieces to hold on their own.
10 - Repeat this process for the box bottom, fill with candy, and put the two together.

11 - If anything in this tutorial doesn't make sense...ask me! :o)
If you make some of these cuties on your own, I'd love to see what you come up with!


Emilie Lynne said...

I am totally trying this one afternoon this week, so I'll show you as soon as I get it down :D

Kristi said...

I love these boxes! What a great way to reuse old cards. I will be trying these soon as well!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Wonderful tutorial, and so thorough. Thank you for sharing!!!
About my tree topper...I actually made it from a bunch of oversized picks. They sell them everywhere now. Even Walmart. The peppermint one was one pick though that came from a boutique here in town. I just kept wiring on more "picks" until I had the look I wanted.
Merry Christmas,

Sian said...

Such a clever idea! I'm always holding on to old cards wondering what to use them for. Thank you!

Mom said...

Thanks for the refresher course. It's been so many years since I made these--Maybe I'll get busy after Christmas and make a few for next year--that is if I'm not crafted-out!! xo

humel said...

Looks very clear to me - I have actually made some of these before, but never thought of using old Christmas cards :-) (I generally recycle my cards as gift tags for the following year but some of them are too big for that - now I have a new idea for them! Thank you!)

jelly roll said...

Nice job Deb! ...i like you're (relatively) new header too. :)

jelly roll said...


TinyBear said...

Hi Deb
Thank you so much for visiting over at my place and sorry I´m late with my visit over here. If you see my blog today, you´ll know why - lol
Great tutorial - thanks for sharing and have a wonderful christmas
Tina @ tinybear

MaryBeth Hughes said...

i love tutorials! i cannot wait to try out this box. i've been in the DIY mood lately. even did some flower poms for presents instead of bows. great blog here.

happy christmas!

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