Saturday, October 24, 2009

Looking out my front door...


I love this time of year!!!

I spent the morning replacing the fading flowers in the front yard planter with a new batch that are more appropriate for the upcoming season. It's fun to walk through the house and get a glimpse of them through the screen door.

Life is good.



melissa kaye said...

=) how wonderful!

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh! THat is the most fantastic door I've ever seen.

Jacie Ray said...

What an awesome pic Deb!

JenCoen said...

oh my gosh, yes. i've been going to the place you work for. they have a location at bell road and i17. dr. timko... love them in there! i've been going 3x a week for almost 4 weeks. getting orthotics(sp?) and am feeling tons better!
i've got a 27 degree curve in the lower, then 13 degree in middle, and 11 degree in top (to neck) and neck looks like its screwed on backwards, curved the wrong way completely like negative 54 degrees or something crazy like that.
a million thank yous. although i'll never be straight up and down, i've taken the responsibility to stay with chiro therapy for good to control and maintain as to not get worse.

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