Sunday, September 13, 2009

Five things that I think are cool...Sunday...

I saw this playhouse this morning while blog surfing and HAD to put a picture of it on my blog!!! Isn't it magical?!?!

And then, this post turned into a "Hey, I know! I'll do a '10 things I love Sunday' post!" but it turned out to be a tedious task for me. This took me forever to put the picture in and the link and move the pictures around so the link would be under the picture and accidentally deleting the picture and having to re-insert it. So...instead we have a "five things that I think are cool" post and they are random, but they are here. Enjoy. :o) ♥


This Etsy shop has a bunch of different shapes for place cards. OMG -- the possibilities are endless. I'm so inspired by these!

And you know I LOVE garland! Look at Heidi's CUTE Halloween garland in the window! ~sigh~

SuzannaAnna Super cool framed pieces with different song lyrics! Love!!!

Simply Hue Really cool collages done with Polaroids.
Ugh! That was exhausting and frustrating, but I hope you enjoyed the show.
(Mel, maybe you can give me some pointers on how to put this together with less effort!)

1 comment:

melissa kaye said...

Deb, you are so cute! Trust me, it's very time consuming for me to collect & type up "10 things Sunday.." myself. I'm not sure I do anything differently..hmm...I'll let you know.

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