Saturday, August 8, 2009

Diaper Cake Recipe

Diaper Cake Recipe
by Carrie and me
~ ♥ ~

2 packages Huggies, size 1 disposable diapers
heavy string or twine and a large needle
empty paper towel roll
2 yards of tulle
round piece of cardboard (we used a layer cake board)
toy or baby items for top of cake
a baby shower to go to

String diapers together by sewing a continuous strand. We pierced them at the top center about 1/2 from the edge (35 for bottom layer, 28 for middle, 21 for top). Pull the ends of the twine and gather the strand of diapers around the paper towel roll and tie.

Wrap another piece of twine around the outside of the diapers and pull tight, creating a swirl of diapers -- this step works best with an extra set of hands! Wrap ribbon around this piece of twine to hide it. You can either pin the ribbon with a diaper pin, or do as I did and sew the ends together with a needle and thread.

When all of the layers are stacked, place on the cardboard circle, and then place the entire thing into the center of 2 yards of tulle. We gathered the tulle up to the top and stuffed it down into the center into the top of the paper towel roll.

Carrie painted the letter "I" (for Isaac) and embellished it with ribbon. She put a wooden skewer down the back of it and used that to anchor it into the top of the cake. Little doggie (color inspiration for this "cake") is perched on top.

Oh yeah -- remember the garland I made a couple months ago? We draped a piece of it (the little red hearts) from the top layer and let it fall across the front. That ended up being a sweet little touch.


♥ I was sentimental. Twenty-one years ago I was using diapers that size to put on Carrie, and now she's stringing them together for her friend Chrissy's baby shower. ♥

Our dear friend Kristi makes a really cute diaper cake -- she rolls each of the diapers individually, wrapping each with a strip of paper and then holding the layers together by wrapping each with an individual folded up receiving blanket. She put all kinds of baby goodies on each of the layers with a big stuffed animal on top -- adorable!!!


melissa kaye said...

What a cute idea! =)

traci said...

that is too cute!!

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