Saturday, July 18, 2009

♥ Chocolat ♥

Carrie and I saw this movie on Mother's Day in 2000 when it was in theaters (and she was only 12 years old!). We LOVED it then, and we loved it this weekend when we watched it together again. Carrie made an observation that the only thing hotter than Johnny Depp was Johnny Depp playing guitar.
Yep, she is my child...

Here's a link for the movie trailer if you are so inclined: Chocolat

Ah...watching "our" movie, looking at all that chocolate, we couldn't stand it anymore! I had to whip up a batch of brownies.
This was totally unplanned -- look at the caption that's printed on the paper towel! Cool, huh?


Mom said...

Yum,yum! Brownies AND Johnny Dep! "Sweet" post!! xo

melissa kaye said...

Aw..this post is too cute! And don't worry, you weren't alone with needing chocolate after watching the movie! hehe I did the exact same thing! HA!

traci said...

i never saw that. may have to rent it.

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