Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It's not just for Christmas anymore!
These were super quick and easy and fun to do and I have a bunch more ideas in my head for other types of garland to string. But where would I hang all these strands?!?! Hahahaha...I picture my entire house having dainty strands of garland all over the place. I just KNOW Doug would be impressed. ;o)
Picture above is the first one I made -- hanging in the doorway of my studio. I LOVE the Martha Stewart paper punches from Michaels! I used white sewing thread (actually it's quilting thread so it's a bit more substantial). And you can see our A-Z pages in the background. :o)

Here are a few more. Balloons and princess crowns are Martha punches, the heart is another punch I have. The balloons have a little string hanging from the bottom of each...can't see those in this picture. My mind is spinning...the themes and possibilities are endless!!!In other news around my craft are some kitty-cat shots of Whiskers Jay Althoff [aka Whisky Jay, aka J-cat, aka Rotten]. Here he's using the edge of my project-in-progress for a claw-less scratching post:Looking SO innocent:
I love my studio. Wish I could be in there 24-7!!!
Update: 6/26/09 -- I just saw this garland on Etsy. Oh. My. Gosh. It's gorgeous!!! Check it out @ Pamela Angus Designs


traci said...

he couldn't possibly get into any mischief. look at that sweet face. the garland is really cute.

Kristi said...

Those all turned out so great! I still really like the princess one!

Jacie Ray said...

Love the garlands, they would be cute in Jordan's room. I forgot you did those A-Z pages! Mine is hanging in my craft room too. I'm thinking now I should do one for Joe and Jordan. I'm going to have to quit reading your posts...the project ideas are piling up! :)

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