Sunday, June 14, 2009

A book for Carrie.

A couple of years ago Carrie asked me to make her a book about myself. I'll admit that the idea was daunting to me. What would I write about? What parts of my life would be significant enough for me to put in a book and how would I convey all the yucky parts without having the book be a complete downer? There was pressure (from me to me) to complete this project for her 21st birthday. I'm happy to say that I did it. And she loved it. And I actually enjoyed the process much more than I ever thought I would.

Here's how it turned out... I used thick book board and some book cloth for the cover. The pink flowers are made of book cloth too -- glued on with PVA glue and then hand stitched once dry. I did this before I wrapped the book board. The pages are sewn using a Coptic book binding stitch (my first experience with the method that I learned by watching a YouTube video over and over). I loved this method and will definitely be using it again!

Here's the cover page: ♥
Once upon a time page: ♥
A page about how young my parents were when I was born...and about my siblings...
The final page is about Carrie and me: ♥
I didn't photograph every page for this post -- some of the pages are kind of personal. Eh...maybe not really personal but nothing I wanted to post on the World Wide Web. [wink] Other pages include:

  • - A page about my Grandma Bessie;
  • - Life/Lessons/Lots of Love page with my baby hospital picture and a current picture of me;
  • - I ♥ cats;
  • - Music;
  • - "School Days" with some of my school pictures;
  • - "Being Carrie's mom";
  • - "Back Then" with a page about Carrie's dad (Craig) and me;
  • - Yoga;
  • - "Go outside and play" with pix of Doug and me having fun on a quad trip;
  • - "I Create" with a [partial] list of the different craft hobbies I've had during my life so far;
  • - "Some things about ME" with a list of things that make me happy and/or annoyed;
  • - "I ♥ Chocolate" page that includes the recipe for chocolate pancake syrup; and
  • - "This is me NOW" with a picture of Doug, Carrie, and me.

It's funny that I fretted over the design and contents of this book for so long. Once I decided on the paper the whole thing just kind of fell into place. I like that I kept the embellishments minimal, and that I allowed myself to use my own doodling and handwriting (Carrie's request). The result is a personal gift, truly from my heart, as requested by my daughter. It's an honest account of who I am, and something that my grand-children can read someday without me being too embarrassed. :o)


Mom said...

I'm looking forward to reading this remarkable treasure--if it's allowed! Just you comments and what I can see brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat! You have truly created an heirloom for your child and grandchildren! xo

jbl said...

It looks amazing Deb! Love the doodles. Carrie is very are those future grandchildren! ;) Right Carrie??!!

Jacie Ray said...

Wow Deb, I love this!! I want to learn to doodle like you! The more I see of your work the more you are becoming my idol! How lucky Carrie is to have this treasure to hold on to and to pass on to her children!

Elizabeth said...

I love this idea and hope I'll copy it before my daughter is eighteen (she's sixteen this week!) I am delighted by your work. I share your love of punches.

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