Friday, March 27, 2009

The first rose of 2009

I know Carrie will roll her eyes when she sees this post but that's ok (whatever, dude). The rose bushes Doug planted last year did well, but this year they are going to be out of control! I took this picture yesterday morning of the first rose bud getting ready to open. There are dozens of other buds that will be open within the next week. The rose bush on the left will have BIG hot pink blooms, center is yellow, and the one on the right has these beauties:

(Did I just call a rose a "beauty"?
Am I turning into a weird old cat lady
that names her roses? uh-oh...)And here she is, opened up, in all her glory!


Mom said...

Stunning! Rod's mom would love you! She's a big flower fan!

Mom said...

Absolutely beautiful! Our iris' are in bloom but I don't have a blog!!!

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