Friday, January 30, 2009

Presley Pix

My sister sent me these pix of Presley in the tutu I made for her birthday. She loved it! :o) Valerie said she twirled around and said, "I look fancy!" awwww! And this cute picture...Presley is ALL ABOUT THE ANIMALS! She loves her stuffed toys and insists on having them in pictures. This is her birthday present -- she named it "Jewel."

Her birthday package arrived the day before her birthday this week but the mailman didn't leave it on their doorstep. My sister took Presley with her to the post office the next day (on her birthday!) to pick it up. When they pulled into the parking lot Pres asked, "Where's Aunt Deb's car?" :o( She thought I was going to be at the post office with her package. Oh how I wish I could have been!!! Sweet little girl...I miss her and wish we didn't live so far away from each other!

1 comment:

Kristi said...

I hadn't had a chance to comment yet - BUT I do now! Presley is so dang cute! And her tutu is really nice. I love that you made the center a matching bow that she can wear! Very clever =D

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