Monday, July 25, 2016

Around here this weekend...

Good day, blog friends.
I hope this Monday morning finds you well and happy. I am both. :o) Come in, I'll tell you about our weekend...

Saturday morning I had breakfast with my sister-in-law, Janet. We each had a mimosa and a yummy meal at The Original Chop Shop in downtown Chandler. SO yummy, and I'm excited to take Doug there sometime.

Carrie and her beau were out of town for the weekend, so we had her dog, Marcus, in the mix of our resident fur balls. Marcus and Lucky are great friends. The cat? Not so much. This next shot was at feeding time for the cat...all hands on deck.

I drew a few mandalas this weekend and I loved spending lots of time with each one, just taking my time. Whiskers Jay stayed close by (as usual).

That tail.

You can see both of our turtles in the photo below, enjoying some ground venison that Doug gave them. Oh my gosh, they love that stuff! Rex literally comes "running" for it. Nature. So gross and so cool.

I played with watercolor pencils on my mandalas this weekend and Whiskers would not leave my water jar alone. Pal or pest? Both rolled into one!

This week will include lots of yoga as I have picked up a Friday morning class at another Chandler Parks & Recreation location. So, in addition to the two I teach at Snedigar Rec Center on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, I'll be teaching Friday mornings at Tumbleweed Rec Center. I've also scheduled my next mandala workshop for the end of August, so I'll be preparing for that in the coming weeks.

When my schedule is full like this it's a challenge to keep up with my own yoga practice, so I'm stepping up my morning routine starting today. Gotta' click publish and hit my yoga mat.

Pray for peace.


Patio Postcards said...

Your kitty friend on the craft table gave me a chuckle, one of my fur girls was so happy to help me on Friday when I tried to get some scrapping done - there is fur on everything.

Venison for turtles!?!?! Well that is something for me in the learning something new.

My go to yoga place has closed, the owner decided to "retire" from yoga & pilates & try something new. I am now on the search for a new studio :(

Happy week.

alexa said...

Turtles eat venison? Who knew? Not me, for sure! You have such a lot going on - great news about the yoga classes, and hope you keep enjoying them. I like the idea of writing words round the outside of a mandala ... Wishing you joy and peace.

Susanne said...

Any weekend that starts with a mimosa is bound to go well. Have a great week!

Alison said...

So glad to hear another opportunity has presented itself for your yoga....and that mandala is awesome!! Xx

Sian said...

Have a great week Deb! I love the angles in your photos

Karen said...

I love all your mandalas - you have such have real talent for drawing them.

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